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Militär International - Abkürzungen

Abkürzung Bezeichnung
(!) Truppe entspricht nicht der Größenangabe
A attack (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
AAM air-to-air missile
AAV assault amphibious vehicle
AB airborne
ABM anti-ballistic missile
ACV armoured combat vehicle
AD destroyer tender
ADA air defence artillery
AE auxiliary, ammunition carrier
AEF auxiliary, explosives and stores
AEGIS AEW-ground environment integration system
AEW airborne early warning
AEW&C airborne early warning and control
AFS combat stores ship
AGHS hydrographic survey vessel
AGI intelligence collection vessel
AGM air-to-ground missile
AGOR oceanographic research vessel
AGOS ocean surveillance vessel
AGS survey ship
AGSC coast surveillance vessel
AH attack helicopter
AH hospital ship
AIFV armoured infantry fighting vehicle
AIM air intercept missile
AK cargo ship
AKE auxiliary dry cargo carrier
AKR fast sealift ship RO/RO
ALARM air-launched anti-radiation missile
AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missile
AO tanker with RAS capability (fleet oiler)
AOE auxiliary, fuel and ammunition, RAS
AOL tanker (light)
AOR replenishment oiler
AOT tanker without RAS capability
APC armoured personell carrier
AR repair ship
ARC submarine cable repair ship
ARM anti-radar missile
ARS salvage ship
ASM air-to-surface missile
ASR submarine rescue ship
ASRAAM advanced short-range air-to-air missile
ASROC anti-submarine rocket
ASW anti-submarine warfare
ASY auxiliary yacht
ATACMS advanced tactical missile systems
ATF fleet ocean tug
ATGW anti-tank guided weapon
ATRS salvage ship
AVM aviation and missile support
AWACS airborne warning and control system
AWT water transport ship
AX training ship
B bomber (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
Bde Brigade
BG bomb group/battle group
BMD ballistic missile defence
Bn Battalion
C cargo (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
C2 command and control
C4I command, control, communications, computers and intelligence
CAP combat air patrol
CAS combat air support/close air support
CBU cluster bomb unit
CBW chemical and biological warfare
CC cruiser
CER combat engineer regiment
CG guided missile cruiser
CGH guided missile cruiser with helicopter
CGN guided missile cruiser, guided missile cruiser
CH cargo helicopter
CJTF Combined Joint Task Force
Co Company
COIN counter insurgency
COMINT communications intelligence
CPS combat prepositioning ship
CSS combat service support
CV aircraft carrier
CVN aircraft carrier, nuclear powered
CVS aircraft carrier, small
DD destroyer
DDG guided missile destroyer
DDH destroyer with helicopter
DDS dry dock shelter
Det Detachment
DSP defence support programme
DSRV deep submergence rescue vehicle
DSV deep submergence vehicle
E special electronics installation
EC electronic combat (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
ECM electronic countermeasures
ECR electronic combat and reconnaissance
EEZ exclusive economic zone
ELINT electronic intelligence
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
ESM electronic support measures
EW electronic warfare
F fighter (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
FA field artillery/fleet activities
FAL Fliegerabwehrlenkwaffe
FF frigate
FFG guided missile frigate
FFGH guided missile frigate with helicopter
FFH frigate with helicopter
FPB fast patrol boat
FS/G guided missile corvette
FSH corvette with helicopter
FSGH guided missile corvette with helicopter
FSB forward support battalion
GBU glide bomb unit
GPS global positioning system
H helicopter (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
HARM high-speed anti-radiation missile
HAWK homing all the way killer (FAL)
HMMWV high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle
HOT high subsonic, optically teleguided missile
HQ headquarters
HSB HQ and support battalion
HUMINT human-resource intelligence
IAP International Airport
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
IDS interdiction strike
IFF identification friend or foe
IMINT imagery intelligence
IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile
IVF infantry fighting vehicle
J-STAR joint surveillance and target attack radar system
K tanker (kerosene) (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
LAMP land-air maritime patrol
LAMPS light airborne multi-purpose system
LAV light armoured vehicle
LAW light anti-tank weapon
LCA landing craft, assault
LCAC landing craft, air cushion
LCC amphibious command ship
LCM landing craft, mechanized
LCP landing craft personnel
LCT landing craft, tank
LCU landing craft, utility
LCVP landing craft, vehicles and personnel
LDW diver support ship
LGB laser guided bomb
LHA amphibious assault ship
LKA amphibious cargo ship
LMSR large medium speed RO/RO
LPD amphibious transport dock
LPH landing platform, helicopter
LPS logistic prepositioning ship
LRMP long-range maritime patrol
LSD landing ship dock
LSM landing ship, medium
LST landing ship tank
MatE Materialerhaltung
MBT main battle tank
MCC/I/O mine counter-measures vessel, coastal/inshore/offshore
MCM mine counter measures
MCMV mine counter-measures vessel
mech mechanized
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
MGM land-based mobile missile
MHC/I/O minehunter, coastal/inshore/offshore
MHSC minehunter/minesweeper, coastal
MI Military Intelligence
ML minelayer
MLRS multiple launch rocket system
MP Military Police
MPA maritime patrol aircraft
MPS maritime prepositioning ship
MR maritime reconnaissance/multi role
MRBM medium range ballistic missile
MSC/I/O minesweeper, coastal/inshore/offshore
NAEWF NATO airborne early warning force
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NCO Non Commissioned Officer
O observation (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
OCU operational conversion unit
OG operations group
OH observation helicopter
OPFOR opposing force (Feinddarstellung)
P patrol (Typenbezeichnung)
PAC Patriot advanced capability
PAL Panzerabwehrlenkwaffe
PB(F) patrol boat (fast) (Wachschiff, weniger als 45 m Länge)
PBC/I/O patrol boat, coastal/inshore/offshore
PBF/I/R patrol boat fast/inshore/river
PCC/I/O patrol craft, coastal/inshore/offshore
PFC/I/O fast patrol craft, coastal/inshore/offshore
PFM fast patrol craft, SSM
PG Wachschiff mit einer Länge von 45 bis 85 m und mit einer Kanone vom Kaliber 76 mm oder mehr
PGM PG with guided missiles
PGM precision guided missile
POL petrol, oil and lubricants
PSYOPS psychological operations
PTG(F) patrol boat guided missile (fast)
PTK attack boat torpedo with hydrofoils
Q drone (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
R reconnaissance (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
RAP Regional Airport
RAS replenishment at sea
RDT & E research, development, test & evaluation
RECCE reconnaissance
RIB rigid hull inflatable boat
RO/RO roll-on/roll-off
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
S anti-submarine (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
SAM surface-to-air missile
SAR search and rescue
SEAD suppression of enemy air defense
SES surface-effect ship
SEWS satellite early warning station
SH support helicopter
SHORAD short-range air defense
SIGINT signals intelligence
SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile
SMA Service Militaire Adapté
SOF Special Operations Forces
SRAM short-range attack missile
SRBM short range ballistic missile
SS sub-surface (submarine)
SSB ballistic-missile submarine, conventional powered
SSBN ballistic missile submarine, nuclear powered
SSG diesel attack submarine, non ballistic missile launchers
SSGN SSN with non ballistic missiles
SSGW surface-to-surface guided weapon
SSI diesel submarine, inshore
SSK patrol submarine with ASW capability
SSM surface-to-surface missile
SSN attack submarine, nuclear powered
STOVL short take-off and vertical landing
T trainer (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
TOW tube-launched, optically-tracked, wire-guide
U utility (Flugzeugtypenbezeichnung)
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UCAC utility craft air cushion
UH utility helicopter
UK United Kingdom
US United States
VIP very important person
YDT diving tender

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