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Emese Savoia-Keleti

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  1. Handbook on Cyber Security (aus der Publikation Handbook on Cyber Security)


Emese Savoia-Keleti has long-term experience in the field of data protection. She is in her 10th year dealing with privacy and processing personal data in EU institutions and bodies. She worked three years in the Directorate -General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection as a Data Protection Coordinator and stayed in external relations by using her expertise in data protection to assist the EEAS with the launch of the Data Protection Office after its establishment. Ms. Savoia-Keleti gained her doctorate in Budapest, complementing it with a second master’s in European Studies. She was a Fulbright scholar in New York for a year and acquired her Data Protection Officer certificate in the first EIPA programme for DPOs and other data protection professionals in Maastricht supported by the EDPS. Ms Savoia-Keleti speaks 5 languages and regularly gives presentations, trainings and workshops in the domain of data protection, including data and cyber security in the digital age.

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